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General Terms and Conditions of Victoria Marriage agency

1. Applicability of the General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions (GTC) set out here are an integral part of any contract which the customer concludes with Victoria marriage agency. Changes and agreements are only valid if they have been agreed in writing. Should any part of these GTC appear to be inapplicable, then the customer and Victoria marriage agency undertake to replace this part with a part which is closest to the originally intended object.

The terms and conditions set herein at the moment of the customer's order apply. The customer can download and print the text of the terms and conditions here.

2. Contracting Parties

The customer concludes the contract with:

Viсtoria partner agency

Owner: Mrs. Victoria Schobel-Kravchuk

Lower Böhrstr. 16

72355 Schömberg-Schoering

Taxpayer ID: 53373/10083

VAT ID: 24 501 682 790

Phone: 07427/5834219

Fax: 07427/5834218

Any unmarried person over 18 years of age who is looking for a partner can become the customer of Victoria Marriage agency. The customer assures that the data provided by him to Victoria Marriage agency are true and describe him personally. The customer assures that the photos presented by him show him personally. Victoria Marriage agency is entitled to demand a proof of identity from the customer, in the form of a copy of an official photo identification. Victoria Marriage agency saves the data of the customer only for the purpose of the service goal. Victoria Marriage agency offers its services exclusively for private, non-commercial purposes. The customer undertakes to use the services only for private purposes.

The customer agrees to be contacted by Victoria Marriage agency on the mail address he has deposited with the information about his partner mediation request. This consent can be revoked at any time electronically by e-mail to Victoria Marriage agency address - info@viktoria-partnervermittlung.de , by post, fax or telephone.

3. Beginning of contract and acts of marriage agency

Victoria Marriage agency is a service agency, which allows the customer, who is looking for a partner, to get familiar with the women on the site who are willing to meet in person in Ukraine, in Russia or in Belarus.

By completing and submitting his presentation form and personal profile to Victoria Marriage agency, the customer binds Victoria Marriage agency with the provision of paid services. The contract is concluded as soon as Victoria Marriage agency has sent a written confirmation of receipt of the presentation form to the customer.

Victoria Marriage agency reserves the right to refuse a customer application at its own discretion.

The ladies will be notified about the customer as soon as the customer would have signed the written mediation contract and sent it back to Victoria Marriage agency and the fee has been paid to Victoria Marriage agency. The customer's presentation sheet shall be sent to the women selected by him no later than 14 days after the fee is fully paid to the service provider.

All the photos of the women presented on the website of Victoria Marriage agency represent the women who have approved that they are actually searching for a partner.

Victoria Marriage agency guarantees that the women who are willing to familiarize have personally registered in the partner agencies of Victoria Marriage Agency in Ukraine, Russia or Belarus. So, the identity of the women who are willing to familiarize was approved by official identity documents. The ladies presented on the website of Victoria Marriage agency are, according to their own data, partnership-seeking and not married.

Victoria Marriage agency does not have any influence on whether the ladies to whom the personal presentation sheet was passed on would feel sympathy to the customer.

Victoria Marriage agency organizes for the customer personal meetings with the ladies, who want to get to know the customer after studying the presentation sheet passed on to them.

If, for reasons beyond the control of Victoria Marriage agency or its vicarious agents, meetings with the requested ladies appear impossible, Victoria Marriage agency disclaims all liability for this. Victoria Marriage agency and its affiliates have no influence on whether a lady decides not to attend a meeting.

4. Provided services

Victoria Marriage agency does not offer travel services. The customer bears the travel costs, the visa fees, the costs of accommodation and meals, the transfers and possible interpreting expenses themselves. The customer bears the travel expenses of the ladies chosen by him to the meetings.

The activity of Victoria Marriage agency is limited to provision and organization of local meetings of the ladies interested in familiarizing and the customer, as well as assistance in arranging for accommodation.

5. Charges

Victoria Marriage agency sets out a personal offer for you.

6.Terms of the contract

The obligations arising from the service contract shall expire one year after the conclusion of the service contract without a termination of the contractual relationship being necessary.

7. Limitation of liability

The customer does not have right to claim reimbursement,unless otherwise specified below. The foregoing limitation of liability also applies to the legal representatives and vicarious agents of Victoria Marriage agency.

Limitation of liability does not apply to claims for damages arising from loss of life, health, serious injuries and to claims for damages arising from violation of essential contractual obligations. Essential contractual obligations are those whose fulfillment is necessary to achieve the objective of the contract. Limitation of liability also does not apply to claims for damages arising from intentional or grossly negligent breach of duty by Victoria Marriage agency, its legal representatives or vicarious agents.

Claims for damages are limited to the amount of total reward without additional services (provided at home and abroad as well).

8. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

German law is applicable to this contract; this does not apply to additional services provided abroad.

The court of jurisdiction is Balingen.

9. Right of revocation

We would like to inform you about your right of revocation:

Right of revocation: You can revoke your contract declaration within two weeks without giving any reasons (e.g. via a letter, fax, e-mail, telephone). The term begins on or after the application to Victoria Marriage agency and lasts within the time, sufficient to ensure the revocation period.

The revocation must be sent to:

Victoria Marriage agency

Victoria Schobel-Kravchuk

Lower Böhrstr. 16

72355 Schömberg, Germany

Phone: 07427/5834219

Fax: 07427/5834218

Mail: info@viktoria-partnervermittlung.de

Revocation Sequences: In the case of an effective revocation, the services received by both parties must be returned and any benefits (e.g. interest) will be drawn.

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