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Sooner or later we will all find our soul mates! After many failed acquaintances I decided to fill in the application on the dating site. The first one had very poor selection, unfortunately, but here I offered to meet me one attractive lady. We are dating now, so I suggested to my friend to look for the girl here as well, maybe he will like someone ;)
Genia and Sveta
After my first marriage, I was alone for a while, and preferred to be silent when someone was asking about private life. I have never been thinking to get married again after remembering how my ex-husband treated me. But one day my friend Elena introduced me to the young man Evgeniy. From the very beginning, I thought he was not like all others, a sort of a mystery man. I’ve not considered him as a partner, we were just talking and talking, meeting each other in different places but soon I realized I was drawn to him. I was scared a lot but my interest was stronger than fear. Genia was so empathetic guy that I think he was the only one able to understand me… I worried too much before every our meeting but when we met I him I was totally charmed by his incredible serenity. He awakened my belief into the human being and in myself. And now, after one and a half year, we decided to live together at last. Not long ago I learned from Lena that she found Genia on this site in order to introduce us. Anyway, we are together now. Thank you for this.
Thomas and Ekaterina
It is a real miracle that we found each other with Katia. I would never think that will consider seriously dating sites, but ironically, I met my prettiest girl thanks to it. I liked Katia even on photo, with orchids, so tender, romantic and beautiful as in fairytale. And this spring we are planning to get married, she said yes! Thank you for your help in finding my one and only.
Peter and Eleganz
You can’t imagine what the real love is until it hurts your heart. I found my love at the age of 39. My Peter is the most reliable and kind man in the world, I always thank him that he found me. The most important, that we are so happy now.
Wolfgang and Viktoria
Viktoria is a real treasure! She is always by my side every moment of my life! We’ve met with the help of this website and for already four years are exploring the world together – during this time have been living in Nepal, on the banks of Hokkaido, a little bit in Mexico, on Madagascar and now are going to travel through Venezuela to Brasilia. My sweetheart can speak English almost freely now, though it turned out that if you like each other the language barrier is not a problem at all. During our first meeting we were hardly able to understand each other and due to this reason experienced a lot of funny situations. So just live and love while you are young!
Andreas and Olga
Me and Olga met each other when we both were 50 years old. There are such a nice people, who are still looking for their soul mate at this age. Only half a year passed since we had met and now we are almost off to Austria as we have been planning from the beginning – closer to mountains, nature, calmness and you have enough time to spend with your family and beloved ones.
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